Sunday, 30 September 2012

It's raining outside...

...and I feel inspired and grateful. The rain does that to me. It reminds me of the washing away of grime and layers of negativity. It whispers soft tones of renewal and revival. It makes me want to write.

What a wonderful career writing is. To those people who write about anything and everything and make their living from it, it must seem a divine blessing. Millions of people go to work everyday, making ends meet, putting away some money for a rainy day, or for that special get away to spend with their loved ones. Most are probably working not for the love of what they do, but for the practicalities of bringing home a wage to live on.

I was one of them. When I recollect my time at the workplace, I remember stress, worry, sometimes fear  but rarely satisfaction. Today I say three cheers to all that follow their dream and don't think twice before making a career of something they love to do, not have to do.

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