Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's all okay...just pack it in a box!

After dropping Tara at school, I spoke to another Mum who said I was being too hard on myself over the whole shouting at Tara issue. Most Mums do it - apparently. So I decided I would believe her, and I packed my shouting guilt in an imaginary box and threw it out of my house. It may sound strange but I feel uplifted and in better spirits since I did that.

The important thing is that I decided to pack the issue. No amount of reasoning, advice etc. works on any of us, until we are in the right place at the right time.

I also realized that my intrinsic nature is conflict free and gentle, and any thing that goes against that disturbs me disproportionately. Now my inner self is facing up to new issues that come with the territory of being Mum. Yes, shouting and losing it on the odd occasion is part of that. So I have to learn to manage it and not hit myself on the head with my imaginary hammer so often.

Some might have noticed by now that I have many imaginary things around me, boxes, hammers and a lot more. It's's all okay, it's all good :-)


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