Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's not's pouring!!!

...and I'm not talking weather here.

The washing machine leaked all over the kitchen floor
The shower has a leak and water is flowing non stop
The Husband's car got smashed into when it was parked
Today, my car won't start.

The washing machine seems will cost a bit :-(
The local handy-man will come over when he's free to sort out the shower..will cost a bit too.. :-(
The Husband's insurance company is talking about writing off his car and handing us a cheque for an amount that won't buy us four tyres, let alone a whole car :-(
My breakdown cover does not include home start and it will cost me almost one hundred pounds to add home start :-( this point of time I should be really down and out. But I'm not! Even when I was struggling to stay alive while giving birth to Tara, I was thinking at each step, "I can take this, throw me your worst!" What I have are financial setbacks. But I will land on my feet again.

So rain on...I choose to smile :-)

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