Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Day 1, Year 1.

The all important packed lunch went swimmingly well. Tara finished first and said she had to wait for the others to catch up. Result !!

She was a bit nervous when I took her to school, but after we found her class line, her new teacher and familiar faces she seemed alright. School pick up was good too. She was chatty but as usual wouldn't go into details of what happened during the day. She did say she had a good day, which I suppose is something.

Back home, we had an ice cream given the glorious weather, and she played in her sand and water pool in the back. A lovely dinner, a bath and she was ready for bed.

My guard was down as the lunch time issue was now resolved. We kissed and hugged and said good night, when a tiny voice Tara says, "Mummy..." (uh..oh..I'm scared of that tone!) "I like Reception more than Year 1 Mummy." I took a deep breath and in that second understood that Tara was one of those people who needed a pet worry at all times. A bit like a father...and me perhaps..

So I said I would talk to her school and send her back to Reception, while all her friends went to Year 1. Tara quickly said she was okay with Year 1. So we hugged and kissed and she was asleep in a flash.

I guess I have to learn to not react to every thing Tara says. But then again, I cannot disregard what the little one says either. we go again.. I guess I'll see how things turn out in the days to come. Something tells me it won't all be smooth sailing.

But that's what raising a child is all about. 

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