Friday, 28 September 2012

It's magic

I've noticed something. If I have a crisis looming, a solution usually appears a few weeks before it actually happens. Now there may be two ways of looking at this. One, I am a pretty well organized person who plans ahead for most of life's eventualities. Second, I am a special being who is 'looked after' by unseen forces. 

All logic aside, I choose the second option. Life and people in general don't usually have a habit of making a person feel special, so why not choose to believe that I am special and 'chosen'! Once that thought process takes root actions, thoughts and behaviour sub consciously help make 'special' choices. Things acquire a sheen...and magic happens.

To put this in context, The Husband worked many extra hours when Tara and I were in India. He couldn't think of anything else to do. Consequently he earned some extra money, but forgot to put in his claim. Today we suspect his car will be written off by the insurance company and were wondering how to get money together to pay for a half decent car. Suddenly The Husband found his claim form and spoke to his workplace who were happy to pay him for the extra work he did. It may have been a forgotten form, but it felt like someone was watching over felt like magic. :-)

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