Sunday, 16 September 2012

Turmoil again...

Last week The Husband had arranged that he would have a Skype video call with Tara on Sunday. This morning when I told Tara to get ready to talk, she gave a big sigh and said she didn't feel like it, and wanted to play. I was very annoyed but didn't shout. Instead I explained how her Papa worked away so he could look after us, he was alone, and we should talk to him anytime he wants to, and play later.

Tara said she understood and we started playing paper models waiting for The Husband to call. The phone rang and I asked Tara to answer it. Sure enough The Husband asked if she could talk to him on Skype. To my dismay she said she was playing and didn't want to talk. I was very annoyed, took the phone away from her and made her Skype anyway. So far so good. Then the crazies in my head took over and I told her off right there. She started crying while her poor father watched the drama unfold.

After the call, I pulled myself together and started playing dolls with Tara. We had a fun time till it was lunch time and I playfully used a baby crying voice that I was hungry. Tara immediately told me not to use that tone. I countered that I was her mum and she wasn't to use that tone with me. She suddenly came close to me and said, "well..take that!!". I felt a sharp kick on my already injured toes. Within seconds Tara realized she had made a serious mistake and blubbered a hasty sorry. I glared at her in rage, then just walked away to avoid any outburst from me. I quietly laid out her lunch and let her eat alone in silence.

Now she's downstairs and I'm upstairs typing this post wondering what to do next..I've got no clue...

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