Thursday, 19 November 2015

Car Insurance...again

I'm alone when I write my blog. I know nobody reads it. So it's strange when I get comments from "electronic voices" out there. I call automated type messages - "Electronic voices". Its probably a computer picking up key words and sending automated responses.

I had three response notifications in my email today. When I looked at them they seemed to be dated from months before, but only came in my inbox today. The lady that I am, I attempted to thank them for their comments, but it wouldn't go through...spooky...

I have come some way in dealing with insurance it Car or Home or any other. I made a sheet of sorts containing blank fields pre-filled with information that was permanent...such as Make and model of car, date purchased, number of years at address etc. It made things very simple.

Then I used 2 search engines to enter the information. I chose the top two reputed companies on the list, went to they websites and got direct quotes from them as well. It didn't take very long and I renewed quite easily.

Two things Ive learnt. First I no longer go with the cheapest company. One year, I had a query with my 'online-only' company and didn't get to speak to any human at all. In the end even my query wasn't answered satisfactorily. I ultimately had an email with printed jargon that wasn't good enough. So now I go for reasonably priced companies which have people I can speak to.

By the way, this year some tax has gone up, and all quotes I received were dearer than last year..made me very annoyed. In the end I stuck with the renewal quote from my existing insurer.

Finally, I still haven't managed to figure out how to fill air in the car tyres. Prince Charming who I married 16 years ago still hasn't taught me either. Im not happy with myself, but hey...Im still a Spectacular Mummy to minor lapses are forgiven. :-)

I love you Tara..8 years old, and a pleasure to raise. Every Mum should have one of you to know how easy it can be to raise a child...almost as easy as renewing insurance ;-)