Sunday, 9 September 2012

The next week.

So Year 1 commenced on Wednesday and we made it to the weekend with no major incident. Long may this continue and life can go on.

I had made up my mind to use Tara's shoes from last year. But as always a trip abroad invariably results in a growth spurt so all her shoes were tight when we got back. I tried to convince myself that feet curling up while I pushed them into the shoes were normal, but didn't quite convince Tara or me to be honest.

So a jet lagged Mummy and her grown up five year old trotted to the shops to get shoes for school, for PE, a few pink drawstring bags and other small pink things that made us both feel happy. It's not often we indulge in retail therapy, (albeit small scale retail therapy) so it was fun. We got ourselves extra chocolately ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce and a chocolate finger each, found a bench in a play area, and sat together  on a bench - happy with life in general....till a lady sat next to us and lit up a cigarette with a belligerent expression that proclaimed that we were in the open so she was within her rights to do so.

Okaaay..I'm all for freedom of choice, but why would you light a cigarette sitting right next to a Mum and small child? But with my new found attitude on life, I decided that we should just move away and let the woman get on with her slow suicide.

The Husband drove 4 hours on a Friday night to be with us and left this afternoon for another 4 hours of return journey. If that is not true love, what is? It will all be over in a flash and we will be together...soon. On Saturday I took Tara to her swimming lesson which went well. That afternoon Papa and daughter went to a party. Tara wore a new ball gown she had made for her by a kind auntie who happens to be a big designer there. After the party she went out to the playground with her father and they had a good time.

Sunday was a relaxed affair as the weather has turned grey and dull again. We stayed home all day lazing around, and later it was a trip to the playground again. I got Tara's stuff together for school, and we had a good bedtime with no issues to report.

The Husband is not back next weekend so it will be a hectic two weeks for me till he comes back again. But as the famous words go, "Tomorrow is another day."

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