Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sleeping Beauty.

This morning Tara just wouldn't wake up! First I waited, then I checked if she was breathing. Suddenly  she grunted, rolled over and snored, snuggling deep into her pink pillows.

Okay...it's Tuesday, and my daughter is all curled up and refusing to move. I got out of bed, finished all the lunch boxes, got her bag ready, got ready myself then returned to gently switch on a few lights, and make some soft noise around the room. I have learnt one thing about Tara. If she is woken up and not had her fill of sleep, I will have a grizzly little monster for the whole day.

So I left her to it. An occasional late day at school isn't the end of the world. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, Sleeping Beauty stirred, stretched and slowly sat up in bed. I kissed and cuddled and she flopped over her pillows again. Tara is usually asleep at around 8:30 pm and wakes up at 6:30 am, no toilet breaks or drinks in between. I am very grateful for this, very, very grateful.

It was almost 7:45 a.m. now, and Tara finally made it out of bed and down for breakfast. It was a quick affair as i got her sorted and we made it to school just in time. For a change I wasn't going crazy or stressed over this. Life's too short to make an issue out of an occasional dawdling day.

Tara went smiling into school as her Papa and I walked her to the playground. We played a game called, 'Guess who woke up late and nearly made us all late.' Tara laughed as she skipped along singing, "It wasn't me!"

A good end to a few good days with The Husband. He leaves now for his long drive up to work. Tara says she will miss him but Friday doesn't feel too far away when Papa leaves on Tuesday.

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