Sunday, 23 September 2012

Is everyone shouting now?

I am pleased to report that I have stopped shouting at Tara. Hurray !! Whatever it was, seems to have blown over. I am however sorry to report that my "shouts" may have been contagious. The Mums at Tara's school are up in arms against Tara's class teacher who according to Tara changes colour as her shouts get louder over the day.

Now I'm (wrongly) making light of the situation because it doesn't directly affect my child...yet. But on a serious note, many of the children in Tara's class have been back home telling their parents they don't want to go to school anymore bccause of the class teacher's attitude. She is a fairly large lady who alongwith her shouting must appear quite intimidating to children.

There are two Mums who have meetings lined up next week with the head teacher to sort out the issue or get their children to change school. I just want the issue sorted out whether my child is affected yet or not. Having being what I believe "a victim" of the shouting bug I wonder if the class teacher has issues she needs to deal with or change her style of teaching. Tara is as good as gold so probably has escaped shouting for the minute. But I don't want her all clenched up with fear all day in school either.

The whole lunch time issue is resolved but the trauma is still raw. I just want Tara to have a peaceful year, a good education and be a happy child. I'm sure that's what all Mums want for their children.

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