Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Is it the calm before the storm? Or shall I just appreciate the warm sun streaming into my room and my life...

Following on from my previous post my car was looked at by The Husband's roadside assistance service, as my car was also covered under his plan. (Whew! No money spent.) It turned out to be a simple issue and was resolved in 10 minutes by a wonderful person who actually showed up 10 minutes after the call was placed.

Tara had a good day at school and was proud when she showed me her new Speech lesson book. Safe to say she enjoyed her new lesson! Even the lunch box was wiped clean so it's good news! My worry about the lunch time issue coming in the way of her school activities is well and truly put to rest now.

Tomorrow is another important day when The Husband will learn if his car can be repaired or written off. It will be a huge financial burden if it is written off, but we will handle it either way.

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