Monday, 10 September 2012

Crossed the line?

So when does one know when one is a normal Mum shouting at their kids or one has an anger problem?

The "one" in question is obviously me.

This morning I placed Tara's porridge in front of her and went about sorting her snack pot, water bottle, and now her lunch bag too. I reminded her to keep eating while she watched TV. (Yes I allow TV in  the morning, so sue me!!) Tara dawdled, and was really slow this Monday morning.

I had cuddled her this morning and wake up time was very nice. I expected it to continue. After a couple of reminders to eat up, I suddenly exploded and told her to eat up or it was straight to bed! Tears in her eyes she quickly ate her breakfast, looking terrified. I felt as small as as ant but managed to pull myself together, put things back on track and the day went on with no more hiccups, except for a quiet child and a guilty Mum. Drop off was alright at school. Tara knows the correct line to stand in, place to park bags and boxes and the routines.

I left still feeling horrible. It's taken me all day of furious housework to calm down enough to fetch her from school. I want to hug her and pretend it never happened.

I am due my period any day now so that explains my mood but can someone tell me if I am crossing the "shout" line? Or can I forgive myself and get on with being the mum I know how to be.

If someone actually ever reads my inane mum-talk, this would be a good day to leave me a comment...please..


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