Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lunchtime woes no more !

I couldn't sit back in the sun in India without thinking about Tara's lunchtime. So I wrote an email to the school, in the middle of my holiday stating clearly and calmly that my child was moving to packed lunch.

Yesterday I got a simple reply that it was fine.

Just like that.

All that worry...all that stress...all the imagined battles I was geared up for...all a waste of precious energy.

This realization was a big one for me. Not just about Tara's lunch time but about my general attitude towards life situations. Maybe it was the sun in India or something else, but this realization has the potential to transform my life...or anyone's life.

Most of the situations in life I stress and worry about hardly every happen. Calculated efforts and correct steps ensure that things resolve themselves. But the amount of stress that worry causes me in the process is huge. What a waste of my life! Wallowing in all that imagined misery and fear. A waste...a colossal waste. I can't say it often enough.

I made a simple decision yesterday. I wasn't going to 'live' a bad situation in my worrying brain before it actually happened, if it did happen at all. As soon as I made that decision a dead weight flew off my chest. This weight had been there for ages so it felt strange and I felt breathless at that moment. It's very hard to describe but it was life changing. Tara's lunch issue battle, the Husband's job situation, losing a valuable helper at home, given my fragile health, money worries anything else...they will all have to become 'real' before I give them a share of my energy.

All sounds good?

I will report back on my state of mind in a few weeks after the vacation dust has settled and see if I still feel the same. No bets please !!

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