Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Crash !

The word that sums up my day is "CRASH!"

The Husband called at the end of a busy day. He has a habit of talking to me as he walks out of work to his car. He suddenly stopped mid sentence as he saw his car smashed and pushed to one side. He was shocked and I tried to understand what was going on. It was parked in the usual place at work the whole day and now, it was smashed with a note stuck on the windscreen with a mobile number.

After recovering from the shock, The Husband contacted the number and a woman informed him that she had accidentally reversed into it, and took full responsibility. Now The Husband has to speak to the insurance companies, sort out transport to and from work, see if he can get it repaired and get a courtesy car.

All I wanted was to see him this weekend :-(

Sometimes I just want to roll over, and declare, "I GIVE UP" to fate or higher power or whatever it is that orchestrates our lives. But the very next second, I pull myself together and think, it could have been worse. There is a tired, worn me that really wants to give up, stop fighting and surrender. But there is another bull headed, battle weary, slightly arrogant me that would rather die fighting than meekly comply.

Tara could tell I was down and out, and asked what was worrying me. I just curled around her while she played with some activity books. It was adequate.

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