Saturday, 31 March 2012

War and money

Every war zone in the world finds it's roots in money.

A picture from a few days ago haunts me. It is a young man from Tibet, setting himself ablaze as he runs down the street, trying to bring the world's attention to his country. Does anyone talk about it? No.

People from Zimbabwe, killed in their hundreds. Does any other country talk of invading it to free the people from an oppressive regime? No.

No money there you see. What would other countries get if they go in there? Nothing, just a whole lot of monetary expense. When crime is being perpetrated, the passive witness who chooses to look the other way is as Karmically gulity as the perpetrator. And boy does Karma settle scores!  

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day two - Easter break

I'm not going to document each day of the Easter break! That would drive me crazy. Just a  day or two..or three.

I'm still unwell. I can't pinpoint it, I'm just feeling ill. No cold anymore, no cough or fever...just a general feeling, all in the head area mainly, feeling unwell, a dull pain in the face, nauseous with a bit of a metallic taste. Any ideas?

Another bright day, had a quick shower and took Tara for a short drive to fill the car up with fuel. It was mayhem, with the traffic and queues and to cut a long story short I had to come back with no fuel. I still have half a tank and I don't plan to drive great lengths anyway, so it should be okay. Tara offered me plenty of solutions including digging a hole in the ground and finding our own fuel. I wish..

Back home, we had lunch outdoors after a good game of hide and seek with a neighbour's cat. It was more fun than it sounded..seriously. Then a trip to the playground and the all important ice cream. Back home, we did a bit of school work on the computer and a half hour of computer games. A quick bath, then dinner and 1 hour to go till bedtime..

If it wasn't for this nausea and headache I could have actually said I enjoyed today.

Tara has been very good except during bath time when she is whining a lot lately. I think I figured out what's going on. I think the power shower head might be making the washing down of soapy water a bit uncomfortable for Tara. "DUH!" I hear people shout...she is a little girl with tender skin, I should have thought of that before! But I hadn't. So I filled up a bucket of water and bathed her with a beaker, and she seemed fine after that.

Live and learn...

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day one-Easter break

So today was the first day of Tara's Easter break. The day was fine and bright so we spent a large portion of it in the sun, washing and cleaning my car - inside and out.

That done, we made a a trip to the local playground followed by ice cream. Lovely.

Back home to a lovely long splashy bath and easy dinner. One more hour to bedtime and my little angel says,

"Mummy, Wednesdays at home are really slow..."

Slow? Really !! What on earth am I going to do tomorrow?

Life changes

At times it gets very difficult to cope with life changes. I'm not talking major events, just the general changes in life. From a personal point of view, I've had a fairly mixed bag growing up. Parts were the best, and I wouldn't trade them for anything else, while other aspects I would prefer to forget, but cannot. Maybe a firm, hard hit on the head could get rid of those but I can't bring myself to do it.. :-)

Now, I'm at a point in my life when I have a husband and a little girl, but no job I could fit into at the moment, given my circumstances. I had a flourishing career (in terms of money), which I gladly gave up for family life. No regrets on that front, except financial pressure at times. Once The Husband gets a permanent job and Tara is settled in her school, I will start to figure out what I want to do.

How do I go about it if I have no clue where to start. Do past qualifications and experience count for anything? Especially since I detest the line of work I was in all my life. Yes, I did it for money, I am enormously grateful for it, and it was good when it was there. But now I've thrown myself open to the possibility of a complete career change. Something that will align with my personal life and priorities. Being a new entrant, in a completely new field, competing with much younger people who are starting out too. Will I be able to do it? I don't know. But I sure as hell will try.

I don't want to be directionless and try my hand at random things. I'd much rather research possibilities and when I'm sure, and the time is right, I will take that chance.

Who knows what lies ahead, but standing still is not the way to find out. Life changes, but so do seasons. Each phase has it's own challenges and beauty, and I'm ready to embrace them all.

Come to my arms life!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Chugging along

It's almost end of term. I'm chugging along, not ill enough to be called ill, but not well either. The Husband is away at work, and won't be back till Sunday night. So it's all down to me.

I have to get creative and think of activities to entertain Tara that don't involve use of my voice, or excessive expenditure. It hurts when I talk. Tara's school has added further pressure by asking the children to fill in a sheet of each day's activity. My water meter has taken the wind out of the water based fun we could have. I'm fast running out of options.

I do plan to use the assistance of the computer and TV for the start of the holiday, at least till I regain control of my voice. No tut-tutting please!

Tighten your belts Mums, here comes Easter holidays!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Source of creativity

I find that some of mankind's most beautiful creations, be it art or music or writing has its inspiration in sadness.

From a personal point of view, the best poetry I ever wrote was at a time in my life when I was going through a difficult patch. Happy times rarely evoke meaningful words from my pen...I'm too busy enjoying the happy times to write anything of substance! Angst provides fodder to the hungry writer. Pain makes one introspect and search the depths within oneself and in the outside world too. People who suffer, usually isolate themselves. The solitude perhaps brings to the surface thoughts long hidden and unexpressed.

I admire people who do wonderful comedy. I wonder what their source of inspiration is. That said, some of the world's funniest people were in real life quiet, serious and sombre. Delving into their life stories, it seems they had their own share of internal strife and suffering. Could they have used comedy as a means of escaping that side of themselves? No wonder they say, comedy is a serious business.

Music is another source of creativity. Like most women, I have a special collection of songs that I resort to when I need a good cry. It's funny but it's true. The headphones go on, the tears start to flow, and words spring out from paper to pen. Then I feel better. Happy songs just want to make me dance...not write.

Maybe it's just me.  

Friday, 23 March 2012

Worlds apart

Two sides of the planet
Two young men
Both footballers

It was only a few days ago when news of a young footballer collapsing with a heart attack on the field was in the news. Barely 23, he collapsed in front of a packed stadium in England.

Fast forward to today.

A young footballer barely in his twenties collapsed with a heart attack on the football field, only this time on the other side of the planet in India.

In England there was immediate medical assistance provided, and the young man was taken to the hospital where he was assisted again by doctors at the scene. It later emerged his heart had stopped for more than an hour, and he received almost 15 electric shocks to resuscitate him. Today he has shown signs of recovery and has a good chance of pulling through, while fans and well wishers pray for him.

 In India, there was no medical team on the side, no first aid , no ambulance, not even a first aid kit. The young man struggled in the stadium till someone put him in a rickshaw to take him to hospital. He died soon after.

It's a life lost with no battle in sight to save him. Lack of money is no excuse in this instance. How dare they organize huge matches with tickets sold, and justify not having any medical kit around? That was someones son that died due to negligence. I don't know if someone will ever be held accountable for what happened. The very least that should happen is that stringent laws are put in place in memory of a young life lost forever.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Play date

Yesterday was Tara's play date, and it was wonderful thanks to Tara's classmate's Mum. A rarity this lady. Very hard working yet warm and effortless at making someone feel welcome at her home, which by the way was a beautiful house. It was a warm family house, well done up and clean, but not clinical in tidiness. A lived in house that could make one relax.

Tara was invited home by her classmate who is a lovely little boy. He ended up playing computer games, while Tara played with his slightly older sister. We were invited to join their family for dinner which was at the family table. I was a bit worried about Tara's table manners, but was pleasantly surprised that my little girl who sometimes creates havoc at her own house was impeccable.

Thank yous said we came back to our home, where Tara promptly took on a different persona. Before I reacted I sat back and thought about it. For a child who has been conforming all day at school, then being her best at someone else's house, her own house is a sanctuary where she should be able to sometimes grimace and growl if she chooses to. Her Mum and her house are her 'soft place to land.' Restricting her and making her conform here all day everyday as well could lead to frustration.

It's hard, but I praised her excellent manners at school and at her friend's house and decided to let her be. Tara was over tired and after a hot bath and a glass of milk fell asleep.

A good end to a good day. I'm still ill but held myself together at the play date. This morning I want to pack off Tara to school and crawl back into bed.

Health and happy moments to all.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Not too ill, but don't feel great either.

I pay so much attention to Tara's moods, sniffles, appetite etc. so I know when she is coming down with something. Wish I did the same for myself sometimes. My throat feels swollen and hurts this morning. My mood has been terribly low the last few days, my body aches and I have lost the fine art of being patient.

I won't say I'm terribly ill. I am functional, but not doing a very good job of being an involved Mum. The long awaited play date is after school today and I need to be able to talk. Tara has a big red circle on today's date on the calendar.

In the mean time I'm pleased to report Tara hasn't fallen ill after a cold took hold of her a week or two ago. Just goes to show how the body's immune system learns to cope on it's own after a while. I just hope what I have is not some new bug, because she will invariably get it from me. Tara's teacher had a very sore throat last Friday when I volunteered in her class. It might be that. It's day three today. I don't fall ill very often, and I'm hoping to shake this off soon. Plenty of water to drink, gargles with warm salty water and extra vitamin C is my plan of action today

Monday, 19 March 2012

Mad Musings of a Mum with flu like symptoms


All these are natural resources. Man has harnessed Earth and Water so a natural resource is now a chargeable resource. Sun and Air are not yet properly harnessed. Yet I foresee a time Tara, or her child, may have to pay to soak in the Sun or breathe in Air.

It's already happening now, slowly. Anything natural that can be controlled by humans is being charged for. Solar panels harness the Sun, so you pay for that energy. If air is trapped in a cylinder you have to pay to buy it. I've heard that plots on the Moon are already sold. As are stars, which can be named after the person paying for it, and acquiring a  fancy certificate to prove it. How soon before we get charged for looking up at the night sky and admiring the Moon or stars?

It will happen in the future, but maybe not in my lifetime or Tara's. Till then enjoy Nature with all its gifts, and preserve it too.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mum is a daughter too!

In many parts of the world people love it when someone has a daughter…as long as it’s not themselves. I am prepared for a whole bunch of people telling me how misguided I am. It won’t take away from what always stands alone…the truth. The alarming sex ratio in many countries stands silently by my side in support of me.
People can deny it and argue about it till the cows come home, but at night, when no one is around, and those same people are alone with themselves, they will know its true. It’s a deeply entrenched social conditioning. Even the most educated struggle to escape it. I know I'm generalizing. This may not be you I’m talking about so calm down!
Daughters are a subtle, extraordinary blessing that only the privileged should have. At least that’s how I would have planned it had I the power to do so. A daughter is someone who will put up with suffering all her life, on occasion hide her situation from her parents, lest her pain causes them suffering. If a parent as much as scrapes an elbow, the enquiring daughter will try and get the next available mode of transport to see them, to make sure they are really okay.
A daughter will scold, a daughter will love, and in the parents’ twilight years, a daughter takes on the role of their mother too.
No offence to sons, this is not about you. But don’t ever forget that you take away someone’s daughter to be your wife. Treat her with respect.
Let’s take off masks and really start driving this point home.
Happy Mother's Day!


Yesterday I felt blue..
Today I'm a bit better but still feeling quite blue..
I just want to be alone
Which is sad because I'm already feeling alone and low
Mum who talks, doesn't feel like talking at all

Friday, 16 March 2012

We have a date!

It's approaching Easter and school will shut for a week or two. Lots of tired children in Tara's school, some crying and clinging to their parents at the school gate. Others just standing around looking a bit dazed and disinterested. Tara is visibly tired, but still smiling and skipping to school. I'm volunteering in her classroom again this afternoon so that might be one reason she is excited.

The good news is that we finally got an invitation to play at one of her her classmates house one day after school next week! I'm very excited for Tara. Her classmate's Mum is a lovely lady. We sometimes talk when we stand outside our kids' classroom at drop off or pick up time. That I think is the key to arranging children's play times. I don't mean it in a conniving, manipulative sense. What I mean is, when you talk to people, you get to know them and they get to know you and your child a bit more. It's natural to want to meet people who you find easy to talk to.

During random chats with other Mums you realize how similar some of our concerns are, and at other times how different.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Why does it hurt?

There is so much bad news around. There is death in every news report these days. Open a newspaper and there's some more. Shouldn't I be immune by now? Then why is the news report of the Belgian school children perishing in a coach crash hurting me so much? It's the second morning in a row when my eyes have welled up watching the news.

A child's death whether in our neighbourhood or any part of the world is enormously heart breaking. Death in any form is a huge loss, but a child is so innocent that reconciling to a loss of one is almost impossible. How a Mum walks the rest of their life without her innocent creation next to her is stuff that horror stories are made of.

I'm hurting inside, for every Mum out there who has ever lost a child. I won't dare attempt to console you. I will pray that you find whatever you need to carry on.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Life really is short.

We've heard it a million times, from friends, well wishers, in the words of a song, or in a line from a movie. But it is true.

Life is short.

Most would agree that when we were younger, we couldn't wait to grow up, get 'out there' to live our lives and fulfil our dreams. Money was never an issue when we imagined ourselves doing what we wanted to do. Ambitions were re-lived each time the lights went off and the headphones went on. We danced and ran in slow motion. Life was set to music.

Then suddenly. Fast forward to years later. Somewhere between arguing with a call centre about an error in the gas bill, and wondering which size pyjamas to buy your first born; between figuring out what to cook for dinner today and worrying about how to get that report to the boss on time, we suddenly wonder what happened to our life and why the music stopped.

Assuming I live to be seventy five, (if I'm lucky), and deducting the years I've already lived, it's plain to see ... Life is short. All the old clich├ęs come flooding back. This is not a rehearsal, life is happening now.

There are no bench marks, there are no rules, there is no competition, there is just Life.

Appreciate it...
Live it...
Win it...

Monday, 12 March 2012

Ideas, ideas and more ideas.

Isn't it amazing that a child with a reasonable collection of toys wants nothing to do with them, just when you need her to play with them the most?

I can't wait for today to end. I know I don't sound like Warrior-Mum, but I had a bad night with Tara tossing and yelling with a blocked nose. Worse than that, my neck muscles have seized up or whatever you call it, and I'm in a lot of pain. Oh yes, there is my sore throat too. Bad timing.

I would have resorted to the TV or computer, but since Tara had been complaining of headaches earlier, I didn't want to go down that road when I'd kept her off school to rest. The good news is that since she woke up this morning, there were no more complaints of body ache or headache. The bad news was that she didn't want to play with any of her usual toys; and the sun refused to shine forcing us to stay indoors. If she did pick a toy, there was no chance of self play today. I was expected to participate fully in all manner of play, including talking in squeaky voices, and making toys/dolls hop around the room being part of bizarre adventures. My neck is really killing me so I need to think fast.

So first I sat her down on her desk to do a bit of school work. She agreed after I promised her some fun afterwards. Think, think, think. I have to come up with ideas. Tara finished her work with remarkable speed compared to her usual standards.

I had loads of papers to file, so I decided on 'new fun activity no. 1'. I asked Tara to punch holes in some papers while I filed them. This way my participation would result in something being achieved. Tara took to it like duck to water and we punched lots of holes for a long time....on all four sides on some papers too. Not sure if The Husband will appreciate that, but it's a risk I'm prepared to take. It was going exceedingly well but all good things come to an end.

So I moved on to 'new fun activity no. 2'. I had a pile of papers to shred. Yes I am one of those people who worries that strange folk may rifle through my bins and steal my identity. Anyway, I shred and my funny little girl took a spade and flung the bits all over herself yelling 'snow! snow!' Once she was fed up with that, she made a  pretend nest where she laid plastic ball eggs. There are by the way, a 100 balls in the bag so this bird was busy for a while.

This took care of most of the morning. Then we took out some paints and painted. Lunch time was easy. I made pasta in tomato sauce with cheese and veggies on the side, finishing with fruit. It went down a storm. The appetite is back...Yay for small mercies..

We played hide and seek in the house. It was a good idea as I could take a good amount of time to find Tara as she hid giggling in fabulous places like the clothes hanger.... with no clothes on it. A bit more playing of some fairy games, then bath time where I made her inhale some steam while she played in a warm bath. Then a hearty dinner of some chicken and vegetables. Now winding down time so some stories on audio cds while Mummy has a cup of tea.

A couple more hours and I can tuck her in ready for school tomorrow. School was created for a reason -- to preserve parents' sanity. And it's good that the kids get educated at the same time :-)

I love my Tara. She is the reason I don't crave love, money or material things. All I want is for her to be healthy and happy. I know the next bug is around the corner somewhere. I just need a couple of weeks to face it. I'm going to try 'new fun activity no. 3' which involves devoted daughter massaging Mum's aching neck and back. Sounds like a good idea to me. Not sure if Tara will buy it.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Update to previous post

So far, so good. There have been no complaints about headaches over the last few hours. Tara says her nose doesn't feel so good. I have decided that Tara will not go to school tomorrow, The Husband disapproves as he packs his stuff to get back to work.

My Mum used to say there was no better cure for a cold than rest, and lots of it. Tara's been ill over a month and now again over the weekend. I feel giving her one more day at home might help her body rest and restore itself.

It's just another theory, but hey.. I'll try anything.

Now for the difficult part, how do you keep a four and half year old child entertained, while making sure she rests? 

Not again!

Tara has only recovered from her illness a week ago. I was happy to hear my daughter's voice free of congestion and sounding normal. Best of all, she slept beautifully and calmly with no signs of struggle or discomfort.

It was one glorious week, now it's finished. Yesterday she was constantly rubbing her eyes and nose and saying she was tired. On Saturday she was hyperactive and talking a lot. Then she complained of a headache at bedtime. The Husband said to give her Calpol but I decided not to. For the first time I was wrong. She woke up at 11:30 pm holding her head saying it hurts. So out came the Calpol and I patted her to sleep.

Two things are different this time. Both of which probably have nothing to do with Tara's condition. First, I bought a new night light that is behind Tara's bed. It emits a while light instead of the usual golden glow. Could that have started the headaches? It doesn't explain the sniffles and sneezes. The second thing is, I did allow Tara extra computer time on Friday, and we watched a DVD over the weekend too. That could have caused a headache but still doesn't explain the sneezes and sniffles. Either way, I feel so guilty.

It could just be that Tara caught a new bug at school.

The Husband and I have divergent views on medication. He whips out Calpol and Neurofen at the drop of the hat while I don't believe in medication unless it is absolutely the last resort. I got it wrong yesterday but I hold my ground. The difficult part is not denying medication, but disagreeing with the Husband who clearly wants any relief for his little girl. There are long term, possibly unknown consequences of using medication. As a parent, I don't want to see my daughter suffer when she is ill.  How would I feel if Tara had long term damage to her body as a result of spoonfuls of medicines that she could perhaps do without? Not good would be the obvious understatement.

But for now I begrudgingly have to whip out all the tonics, honey and natural remedies to give Tara. They didn't stop Tara from falling ill the last time, but made me feel like I tried.

I have to run. Tara is now complaining of headache and earache. Pray for me somebody

Thursday, 8 March 2012

What day is it today?

Any day can be a good day or a bad one depending on who is living it.

For years I didn't believe in celebrating any particular day, having a view that I didn't need to mark one day in a year to tell someone how wonderful they are. From my point of view we should remember and appreciate our loved ones every single day. Then one day my brain got bored with all the logical and politically correct theories it was spouting and said, "If a particular day is important to someone you love, just join in and celebrate with them." In this day and age of troubled times, economic pressures and horror stories, why look for a reason not to be happy?

Seize the day I say! Bring all the days on!

Men's day, Women's day, Birthday, Mum's day, Dad's day, Plant a tree day, Tickle the cat day, Hug the postman day... all are welcome.

Much love to all ! Consider yourself hugged.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My brain cells tingle!

Tara came running up to me yesterday and said, "Mummy! Quick! I need to eat some cucumber. My brain cells are tingling!"

My child...asking for a green vegetable to eat? I wasn't going to waste any time in idle chit-chat or wait for another cute story. I raced into the kitchen and cut a few sticks of cucumber and watched her eat them, a bit gingerly at first, then more confidently. After Tara was done, she relaxed visibly and said her brain was now fully charged and she was ready to play some more.

All right then.

It's every mum's dream to feed fruit and veg to their children. It doesn't usually go to plan. It's taken me years of perseverance and a few sneaky tricks. While Tara could be a bit more adventurous in the veggie department, I don't think she's doing too badly either. We have conquered apples, pears, pineapples, bananas,  grapes and the odd dry fruit like raw unsalted cashew nuts, almonds and pistachios. Tara also has the odd strawberry if 'the shape is right.' Also carrots, beans, peas, cucumbers and yucky ol' sweet corn have made the grade.

My brain cells tingle a lot these days. I should take a leaf out of my little one's book and eat a few more healthy things myself. It is after all terribly important for Mums to have their brains charged at all times.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

To ask or not to ask

I am a Reiki channel. Probably the most sceptical Reiki channel around, who is also a curious, questioning doubting human being, who has limited understanding of so many things. It's a good job that Reiki works without the need for belief . It's like putting a plug in a socket. Once you put the plug in and turn the switch on, power will flow whether you want it to or not. The channel simply facilitates the energy to flow from the Source to the Destination. I am not a Healer, I am only a means for healing. Of course being positive helps. Even the scientific community agrees that a positive attitude can work wonders.

The fundamental premise of Reiki is to live in a state of gratitude. Reiki also encourages me to ask for anything, but not expect results. Reiki assures me that whatever I desire will come to me in abundance, but only if it is in my best interest. Letting go of expectation, all the while asking for everything is very, very difficult. It's been many years and I'm still grappling with this, all the while pursuing my commitment to Reiki.

How do you explain to someone who approaches you with tremendous expectation, for sometimes desperate circumstances, spending time and resources, that maybe at the end of the Reiki session they may not get their desired result? How do you tell someone to submit completely, let the energy flow through them, advise them to ask for their deepest held desires, and expect then to just walk away feeling real gratitude at receiving Reiki whatever the outcome? It is a very big leap of faith. I took this leap of faith and do really practice living in gratitude. I however have a big block when it comes to asking.

Why is it so difficult to ask? Is it our ego or a sense of pride? At work we put our heads down and expect our results to 'speak for themselves.' Then we wonder why someone else who is not as deserving gets that promotion or walks away with the accolades.

Does asking make us feel inferior? How many relationships have withered away because one person expects the other to know what they want. We expect our partner to demonstrate how they give us what we want without even asking! What does that achieve besides showing off to others how much 'in tune' or 'in love' we are with our other halves. It would take so much pressure off relationships if we just ask instead of assume.

Theories are easy to share. Putting them in practice is not.

I know. I'm still trying

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Grace and warmth

I visited a 'posh' establishment today.  I haven't turned into a millionaire overnight. But I do sometimes like to go to 'posh' shops and look at nice things. It could have been my imagination, but I'm almost sure I sensed an extra bit of 'snobbitude' in the well made up, smartly dressed shop assistants.

In the hand bag section, I was soon approached by a scarlet lipped lady with her hands clasped together, blue lidded eyes fluttering almost shut, who asked breathlessly, 'May I help you today?' I clarified immediately that I was only looking. She raised her left super arched eyebrow so high it almost joined her hairline, smirked and turned away to talk to another equally resplendent colleague. Later when I asked to see a few more things she rolled her eyes in a manner enough to make anyone feel unwanted.

At the end of the day I happened to board the same bus, at the same time, as the rather haughty hand bag 'consultant' who I interacted with at the store. She glided into the bus, in her own little bubble, clutching her employee-discounted designer bag close, making her way home like the rest of us.

Does working in a high end, luxury establishment demand a hint of coolness and an air of superiority in some of the people working there? Or is that a misplaced assumption that all wealthy folk who visit these places behave in a certain fashion, and would like to be served by people 'like them'. I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of the training sessions there. Is it the management asking for a certain demeanour? Or is the demeanour a result of the aspirations of a working class person.

I don't know. What I do know, is that it doesn't take long for life to turn the tables. Today's window shopping housewife could be tomorrow's hand bag collecting millionaire, and vice-versa. Well, something like that anyway. Whether we are in turbulent times economically or not, forgetting to interact with people, whoever they are, with grace and warmth is surely not the right way forward. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Hot food

The Husband called yesterday. He can't make it back home this week, and is feeling low. It's a sad fact of the times that families are separated out of economic necessity. It's a new job and we need to see how it goes.

If The Husband does get offered a permanent post and he likes his job, we will have to move to a totally unknown part of the country. It will mean major upheaval especially for Tara. It has taken a long time and a lot of adjustment to settle in her present school. People say that children are resilient and adapt easily to change. Tara is a creature of routine and likes familiarity. It might be a bit challenging.

On the positive side we will all be together as a family, and the change might be a good life lesson for Tara. For now,  all The Husband wants is a hot meal for dinner. I really don't know how to get around that. There is no kitchen where he is living at the moment, just a bedroom and loo, so he can't cook either. Any suggestions anyone?  

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The difference a day makes.

Just yesterday my chest was tight with stress. I had been waiting for the test results of a loved one with suspected cancer, I was worrying about Tara's health, worrying about money issues, worrying about another loved one who had recently lost his job. In addition to this I had a severe attack of 'what if's'. It was obvious that I didn't sleep very well either.

This morning, I got a phone call that there was no cancer in the reports, Tara seemed much better and had slept well last night, and that a promising job interview had suddenly appeared. I know my money worries are still here, but I feel a whole lot better.... and the 'what if's' are under control too. Having the great gift of good health of loved ones puts a lot of things in perspective. When I fell to my knees and looked upwards yesterday, my prayers were not to resolve my money worries but for the restoration of health of my loved ones. After that I didn't pray for anything else. 

A day can be awfully long or too short, depending on circumstances. The old saying 'Sleep on it' when times are tough, and 'Time flies when you are having fun' are both so true.