Saturday, 15 September 2012

A weekend without Papa

The Husband had to work so he couldn't come home this weekend. For the first time I saw Tara really feel the absence of her Papa.

After last week's highly charged atmosphere that had me shouting at the drop of a hat, I was of firm mind to make this weekend a peaceful affair. Thursday afternoon Tara came back from school with the most awful cold. She was tired and miserable. I kept her home on Friday, and just cuddled and talked to her. I also skipped her swimming lesson today and spent the day playing with her in the pleasant sunshine. We painted some cardboard cartons and played a few games. Her nose is still blocked but she looks a bit better.

The only thing I noticed in her painting was that the smiles on her drawings were replaced by downturned mouths. I asked her what that was all about and she said, "I miss Papa."My perceptive little five year old must have seen the brief look of sadness in my eyes and quickly made thought bubbles with smiling faces next to the morose ones. She said, "That's what I will feel when Papa comes home."

May your wish come true Tara. It's not about me anymore. I hope someone up there listens to your little prayers soon.

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