Monday, 1 October 2012

Winds of change

I can feel winds of change. I can't put my finger on it, but off late have this sense of major changes afoot. Life has good and bad changes so I don't know what to expect. Instead I am preparing myself for change. If things turn out good, I will savour with gratitude. If not, I will attempt to face whatever comes like a true Mummy warrior.

Tara has been going to school as a matter of routine now. There are no major issues, and she seems to enjoy herself. She asked me yesterday if she could stay for a day in after care. Now either she likes school too much, or it is a reflection of my incompetence as a Mum. I hope it's not the latter. Apart from the money aspect, it may not be such a bad idea to see what Tara's thinks of school after care. As a lonesome mummy, with no husband in sight and no family around, it might be useful to have a back up plan. Will give it a try after talking to The Husband this weekend.

The Husband's car has been officially written off, and we are in a hurry to buy a half decent and safe car before the insurance reclaims its courtesy vehicle at the end of this week. No shortage of effort, just a shortage of cars within our budget.

It must be crazily difficult for The Husband to make an eight hour journey every week to see us. When he is here Tara is all over him and wants to pack everything in the one day she has. It never works out that way as a day flies past with not much achieved, The Husband ready to drive back, and Tara dejected. I play the annoying Mum spouting wisdom about being grateful and happy with what we have. I do mean it, but I do feel guilty wanting a bit more.

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