Thursday, 20 September 2012

This is not a rehearsal...

Many years ago I collected quotations. I cut out inspirational words from old magazines, newspapers etc. and pasted them inside my cupboard door. The posters on my wall were of achievers..mostly sportsmen and women. (Okay, I will admit to the George Michael one too...but 'Careless Whispers' was one of my favourite songs, chubby George Michael, loose white shorts and all!)

I went from a teenager dreaming of a glittering future set to the background of music from 'Rocky 2', to an adult facing the real world. At what point of time the music stopped playing, and how the quotations faded from my cupboard is a blank in my memory.

One quotation that returned to me yesterday was,

                                                                                     - Unknown

I reflected further, and noticed that important phases in my life so far were like distinct chapters - seven in all :

1. Early childhood and school
2. Early teens, and a life of sporting achievement and failure
3. College life, crushes, University and goodbye to childhood pursuits
4. First time in the workplace and an explosion of social life
5. Marriage
6. Life post marriage
7. Motherhood

I was intrigued that I could easily divide my life into chapters! Each chapter had its share of good and bad memories. A song, a smell, sent moments rushing back. Some I enjoyed re-living, some made me recoil. A few more chapters then this book will be shut.

What am I doing wasting time worrying about things? There is so much to live, feel, experience and it doesn't necessarily involve climbing Mount Everest or winning an Olympic medal. My recent trip to India opened my mind's windows just a tiny bit more. I enjoy the fresh breeze wafting in through this window. It will dispel the stuffiness one day. In the mean time, I am more aware of my existence, limited as it is, and very grateful for it.

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