Monday, 14 May 2012

Weary spirit

I am weary today. I cannot decide if this weariness is because of physical or emotional reasons, but it is palpable.

So many times we seek shelter in the security of our spirituality, faith, religion or other philosophies we hold dear. We hope to find answers and rationale in them. But sometimes life events unfold around us with such ferocity that a numbness descends, so thick and impenetrable that our belief systems fade from view, leaving us vulnerable and lost.

I cannot call this a crisis of faith. It is to me being human - and reacting. Eventually the fog will lift and things will be clear again. I will find my way. It's what I do when I'm lost that is important. Silence works for me. As does introspection. The heart feels bruised and still for what seems an eternity, then it starts beating again.

My weariness could be down to something simple like inadequate sleep. Tara had a disturbed night with dreams of dinosaurs asking her to wee!! I also started a spot of exercise this morning, and maybe now my body is talking back.

So I will sign off, and try to turn in. I usually sleep well, but an over tired body doesn't bode well for a restful night. Maybe I shouldn't have given Tara that drink before her bedtime either....maybe I shouldn't have exercised at all today..maybe I should just go now..and sleep.

Good Night all. Have a peaceful night and calm day.

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