Sunday, 13 May 2012

My inner pool

I liken my "inner self" to a little pool. I make every effort to keep that pool still. It is a delicate balance. Sometimes, a pebble or a twig falls in the pool and causes ripples. The ripples stay awhile, disturbing the calm of my pool with their outwardly moving inevitably they fade and disappear, leaving my pool calm again.

The human body has an amazing capacity to cope with emotional trauma. It carries on regardless of circumstances…until someone shows compassion and acknowledges the emotional trauma carried thus far - quite stoically.

Compassion and acknowledgement can single handedly break down all vestiges of strength and make hitherto brave persons cry and feel their own pain that was so far controlled or managed without expression.

Something disturbed my pool today. It has made me uncomfortable and agitated. That is what I feel at this point of time. Past experience stays firmly by my side, reminding me that this too shall pass, my pool will be placid again. 

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