Sunday, 20 May 2012

Peaceful Sunday

This morning I got Tara and myself bathed and ready for the day first thing after breakfast. It made a huge difference. Feeling fresh and revived we had more enthusiasm for things in general.

Tara has been coughing intermittently since morning. That explains her cranky behaviour. With time a Mum learns to watch out for signs specific to their child, as does a wife for her husband. For Tara a cranky behaviour almost always precedes a bout of illness. I've whipped out my tonics and Manuka honey pots, more as a reassurance to myself - that I'm doing something for my child. The efficacy of these supplements remains unproven in my opinion.

The Husband is still pre-occupied, and seems quieter than usual. To query or leave him alone? It might be the latter this time.

On the whole it's a peaceful Sunday...uneventful and quiet. But it will do.

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