Thursday, 17 May 2012

Little old soul

Today Tara sat near me as I cooked dinner for her. For some reason she is very concerned that she doesn't know how to cook yet. This has been a pattern with Tara since she was a baby. She just doesn't like the fact that she is a child and wants to be able to do everything.

As a baby she never acted baby-like. My Mum says it is down to me because I always spoke to her as if she was a grown up. In my defence I argue that Tara never seemed babyish at any time. If I did attempt baby talk she would look at me as if I was very silly, and rolled her eyes as if to say, "Grow up Mum." This is not an exaggeration.

Last weekend she declared, "My life began at three years old. " When The Husband asked her what she meant by that, she said she only remembered her life from that age, and she "wasn't there" before that. Now I'm used to my child talking this way. Tara has been an easy and trouble free child - totally unlike my pregnancy, which was the most difficult and traumatic experience. A lady sitting next to us on a flight once looked at her and said, "This little girl is an old soul in a baby's body." I laughed politely but knew she was on to something there.

Tara has never thrown a tantrum in a shop. If I say I don't have enough money to buy something, she says, "I understand Mummy. When I go to work we will save money together to buy things. I will pay for half my car too. When can I start work Mummy?" If I forget to bring her something I promised she says, "Never mind it happens. You can get it next time." If I miss my parents or The Husband, she picks up on my feelings, fetches the phone, puts her arm around me, and says, " will feel better." A few minutes ago, as I struggled to carry her in my arms, in a wobbly display of affection, she stood on the sofa, cupped my face in her hands and said, "Don't worry Mummy, even when I'm big you can still hold me. I will climb on this sofa and it will be easy for you." My favourite one is, "I wish I could make you a cup of tea Mummy, but the kettle look hot, and my hands are too little."

It sounds so silly when I say I have a good friend in Tara, who is four and a half years old. But people who know her will back me up on this. She is an unusual child...and I am blessed to have her in my life.

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