Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Telling lies? Me?

There was a strange role reversal today. It had me cringing and admitting to lying, while my four and a half year old daughter looked me straight in the eye, (looking rather scary with her eyes wide open,) and told me that telling lies is wrong.

I don't tell all. Truth has landed me in difficult situations at times in my life, but I stand my ground of no telling lies. I have had important relationships die because of lies, but it was better that way. I admit to an occasional white lie to avoid hurting feelings but on the whole my no lies policy is a pretty sound one. Tara obviously notices my conduct, as was evident today.

We were playing dolly dressing, and I was distracted watching the news at the same time. I don't usually watch TV while playing, but today I had to for some reason. During play, I shifted some of the doll's clothes to another side of the doll house without paying attention. Tara turned to me and asked me if I had done it. Engrossed in my news clip, I mumbled a 'no' without thinking.

That was it. Tara opened her eyes wide and said, "You lied Mummy, how could you lie." Her hero (that would be me, by the way) had stooped so low that she was shocked and disappointed. I was flustered. Whatever the distraction, I had lied.  I turned to her and said sorry. I explained that I was distracted, and it was wrong to lie. Yes, I had moved the dolly's clothes.

Tara hugged me and said it was alright, and

Whew! Crisis over and doll's clothes set right, I thought how much of an impact my conduct and words had on my little girl. Tara will grow up to be an adult and live in society with her own value systems and choices, but at this time, it is my responsibility as her role model to set a good example.

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