Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tara's play date or is it mine?

Typing now, the familiar feeling of fear is spreading across my chest as the impending visit to the dentist looms at a distance. I was rushed off my feet all day organizing the house and getting things just right for Tara's play date.

This time the little girl was almost a year older than Tara so her style of playing was a bit different. It threw Tara a bit to begin with, but they worked out a system as the day went on. After dinner the little girl and Tara wanted to play with me and we had a good time finger painting and face/arms/toes painting. I was suspicious after a while that play dates at our home may be becoming popular, more due to my participation than my poor little Tara. This is not what I had in mind when I wanted children to come over and play at my home.

Will these play dates do more damage than good to Tara if they necessitate my involvement and participation? I am exhausted and still stressed over the whole dentist fiasco. I just need to sleep...and maybe generate  a bit more enthusiasm for the Queen's jubilee. It's a historic occasion and I'm not getting 'into' the whole spirit, wallowing instead in my inconsequential worries.

Then there's my sister insisting that I spend half term with her and her inlaws!! Very kind...but no thank you. The Husband may be getting a few days off during half term so making the most of that is my priority.

Good night.

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