Thursday, 24 May 2012

Glorious Day!

It's been hot this week. Everyone I meet says it's been glorious. It probably is. Now I might sound supremely ungrateful but it is true when I say I can't handle excessive heat or excessive cold. Between 14 and 17 degrees will keep me comfortable.

Tara got back today repeating what she probably heard in school. She must have said it ten times this afternoon. "Mummy isn't it a gloorriusss day? We should be outside"

So out came the paddling pool, play sand, swimsuit and sunblock. After an ice cream she played all afternoon declaring how gloooriusss the day was. I could have passed out with the heat. Intolerance to heat started with my pregnancy. I was so hot all the time that simply wearing clothes felt uncomfortable. Of course I still wore them! It was then that The Husband bought me a portable air conditioner. Now I can't do without it.

After a full day of playing, a hearty dinner and bath later, Tara sank into bed and was asleep in minutes. Today I feel the absence of The Husband from our lives. I take a lot of pictures of  Tara during the day. I feel the need to send her pictures to The Husband everyday. How easily us humans carry on as normal, adapting to circumstances as we go along. There is always the danger of distance causing irreparable damage to relationships. I believe and am very aware of it. It's just that we have given our situation a time frame. Once that is up we need to regroup and assess the situation again. Tara's education and stability is important too. The idea of The Husband living alone just to make our lives comfortable makes me very sad. I have put my needs aside for Tara, as has The Husband.

We've survived worse...this too shall pass. In the meantime, let me check on my little one who had the most gloooriouss day today.

Good Night everyone. May your dreams come true.

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