Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Each to their own..or is it?

I'd like to believe that we all live and let live. Every human being is a unique person with their own set of preferences and sensibilities. Someone likes orange, another prefers yellow. It doesn't make one colour correct or the other wrong. It is a matter of personal preference. Someone likes a particular movie, another doesn't. Each to their own is the way it should be, but is it?

Magazines, television and other forms of media 'guide' a person on the 'correct' sense of fashion or colour combinations, while popular charts declare a certain musical composition or movie a hit or a flop. Food critics label a particular dish palatable if the sauces combine with the dish in a prescribed fashion. Some drinks are supposed to go with some food. If one doesn't abide by these popular guidelines, one's taste is considered bad. Isn't that strange?

When no individual on this planet is exactly alike, how can one standard apply for all? It's not uncommon to hear loved ones exclaim, "You couldn't possibly have enjoyed's terrible!" This is usually after a statement of fact that one has indeed enjoyed something. Taste is individual. If someone enjoys their fashion, food, music or anything else, and doesn't impose their choices on others, so be it.

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