Sunday, 6 May 2012

Busy, busy weekend

It's been a busy bank holiday weekend. My sister and her little boy came over to visit. It was a surprise for Tara who adores her older brother...that's my sister's son...not my secret first born :-)

Saturday started with picnics, and icecreams, while today was all about the beach, pub lunches and still more ice creams. We decided to ignore the weather and get on with having fun. Now its tired parents watching the news, and two blissed out children playing iphone games.

My sister and I are from a family of three, and we have one child each. My sister would have liked more children but had to settle for one, while I wanted none but decided on one. I don't think either my nephew or Tara feel deprived of siblings, neither are they spoiled children. They are both gentle, well mannered children who meet each other with great affection everytime they meet.

A lot of theories abound regarding only children and the disadvantages of being one, thankfully many of them disproved by this lovely boy and little girl totally content and happy playing together, and equally happy when they are by themselves.

The festivities continue! Bring out the pick-your-own strawberries and cream!


  1. Hi Ash,

    I don't see any comments for any of ur scripts. why?

    By aaccidently i got into ur blog and just writting here to say hi and hello.

    1. Thank you for dropping by and saying hello. Wish you all the very best. Ash

  2. I and ur Sis are same in thoughts of having more children, but me yet not a father of one child.