Monday, 21 May 2012


As predicted, Tara seems to coming down with a cold. She woke up with a few sneezes and when I hugged her I noticed some traces of dry blood at the opening of her nose. I have not dealt with nose bleed with Tara so am a bit worried. It's a school day and she seems alright, but I don't like to see my good natured little lady in the strange mood that inevitably accompanies her illness.

Tara's friend from school is coming over to play tomorrow. She is excited about that. My little girl (thankfully) is unlike me in that respect. She loves being amongst people, interacting, playing and attending parties. I don't regret being the way I am....I quite enjoy solitude, reflection and quiet days. When I'm required to get social and interact, I just put on a mask for a few hours and get the job done. No one can tell. It's okay.

I still find that the world is a more welcoming place for people who are outgoing and permanently high on doing stuff. There are so many things to do out there that boredom and staying still is not an option for many. I sometimes struggle to keep up with Tara's need to constantly be doing something. Even school doesn't seem to wear her out. She is ever ready, active, inquisitive and up for a game right after school, until the minute I tuck her in bed.

There is something in the old saying:

'Most of life's evil stems from a man being unable to still still in a room'

But then again :

'An idle mind is the Devil's workshop'

Balance...that's the key I suppose

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