Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The best present!

It amazes me every time I notice things about Tara that are so like me. A tiny beauty spot on the cheek or a particular expression; childhood pictures where I could pass off as her.

The best similarity I feel is our love of cardboard boxes. Big boxes, little boxes, white boxes, or brown boxes...any boxes. Tara and I enjoy the boxes more than the presents within...usually...with some exceptions of course, I'm not all weird :-) Our creativity is at at its best when we find a box! I had ordered some things for Tara online and it came in a very sturdy cardboard box today. Nice my first reaction when things arrive in the post. If I could, I would save every box that entered my house and do something with it. For all those who now visualize me in a house full of cardboard boxes..nope..not happened...yet :-)

After we opened up the box, Tara cast an eye on the contents, then raised an eyebrow and said, "Nice box." It was hilarious and it made me very happy for some weird reason that my little girl likes boxes as much as me.

So we put Tara in the box and pushed her around the back yard yelling choo-choo for a while. Then we got the paints out and painted different shapes on it. Tired out, Tara ate an orange...yes...sitting in the box. We loved it.

Tara is eating dinner now. The box still sits outside. There is plenty more playing potential in it, till I reluctantly consign it to the recycle bin...well and truly recycled with our play anyway! Back to Tara's usual toys after that...until the next box arrives..and we do it all over again!!

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