Monday, 28 May 2012

Another playdate..we're on a roll!!

So another little girl from Tara's class is coming over for a playdate. Tara is excited as is her friend. It will do Tara good to play with other children once in a while. It takes the playing pressure off me a little bit.

The last 2 weeks I must admit I have not been playing 'properly' with Tara. It could be down to the instability in our lives at the moment and The Husband's absence that is getting to me. This could also explain Tara's behaviour, as she is trying to get my attention...maybe

I failed with my 'ignore' tactic on day one itself. I will try and get back on track tomorrow. tired.. I stay awake when I should be asleep because a) I want to be able to have a life after Tara has gone to bed and b) I cannot sleep on demand. The first one is a wish that is not supported by my tired body. The second is a fact.

Writing here on my space is one way I unwind, share my thoughts, concerns, frailties and experiences, feel the human connect with others and then I go to bed.

Good Night everyone.

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