Friday, 25 May 2012

A Caribbean breeze...

After dropping Tara at school this morning, I had my windows down as I drove back. The breeze was warm and humid; and brought back memories of when I first stepped off the plane on to the airport tarmac in St. Lucia. 'Heaven', was the first feeling. It felt like that for a few minutes today. This morning I covered Tara in sun block as advised by her school. It was the same brand I had used many years ago in St. Lucia. The smell made me long for a return trip. won't happen at the moment. The last trip to the Caribbean with The Husband was a few years before Tara was born. It was a spur of the moment decision. I mean the destination. The holiday fund had been going for the last few years. We saved for a few years, not going on any short haul holidays, because we wanted a luxurious, special holiday....and we did.

Isn't it strange how smells, sounds etc. have such a power of association? A whiff of the sun block lotion and the balmy breeze transported me back to that time, when for a few days we had no responsibilities, no plans. Just the two of us, sandy beaches, banana plantations, volcano treks, and good food.

That's what life is to me, a road which we all travel on, collecting experiences and memories as mementoes and reflecting on them till the end of our days.

I have to take Tara to an after school birthday party today, so I need to sort her stuff out for that. Must go and look at some pictures and sniff that lotion again before I get on with the rest of my work for the day.

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