Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tara's first party

June 30th 2012 - Tara's first birthday party for her school friends. It wasn't yet Tara's birthday but we decided to have one as we may be travelling later on. Tara made sure she told every child she was not yet five as they walked in on the day. No one seemed to mind as they were looking forward to the fun ahead. Nineteen children in all had a super fun day.

Tara wore her flouncy sparkly party dress, so she was very pleased. We hired a large play park which had every imaginable thing to jump and slide in it. There was also a person in a large dinosaur costume who played with the children. Actually the children punched and pulled his tail and he had to be all happy and funny..poor person. We also had 2 assistants to conduct the party, and the parents who stayed for the day had a table arranged with soft drinks and cappuccinos. Everyone was happy.

We had face painting. Tara had a butterfly painted, and the other children had everything from pirates, to superheroes and pixies. After all the faces were painted there was a sit down buffet dinner. Tara sat pleased as punch at the head of the tables on a throne!  The huge menu included sandwiches, sausages, chips, crisps, pizza, chicken nuggets, cucumber/carrot, fruits, wafers, biscuits, chocolates, jaffa cakes, birthday cake and topped with ice cream. The kids ate well, except for the fruits and veggies...obviously.

After dinner was disco time followed by party games. We had a party room with disco lights and a glittering revolving disco ball. At the end of it all Tara gave away party bags to her friends who with their painted faces were a very happy bunch. In the party bags we had chocolates and sweets, fairy/monster themed pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, paper fans/pirate moustaches and eye patches, whistles and a helium balloon each.

After the party finished at 1:30 pm Tara and some friends continued partying/playing till around 3:00  when we finally went home. 

Tara ended up with fifteen presents, for which we have made out our thank you notes.

I was quite busy running around making sure everything was going well so couldn't take as many pictures as I would like. But the images are etched in my brain forever. All in all a perfect birthday. Couldn't have done it any better. At night Tara hugged me and simply said thank you Mummy for a perfect birthday party. My pleasure Tara. You are such an unspoilt, gracious and good little girl, you deserve all this and more.

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