Saturday, 2 June 2012

Different Perspectives

Isn't it strange how two people looking at the same thing from from two different perspectives see different things?

The weather forecast for the week here in England says 'Rain'. A collective sigh of disappointment engulfs all the Mums and Dads who are anticipating a week ahead trapped indoors, or having to spend money on indoor play areas to help expend their children's energy.

On the other side of the world is the state of Kerala, in India. Families sit together in party atmosphere, peering at the sky in eager anticipation at the first sign of the great Indian monsoon. A season of thunderous rain, that is vital for the farmers and is celebrated across the sub continent with excitement. Many a love story has been set to the back drop of meeting in the first rain of the season.

So the event is the same. Rain. But perspectives are formed out of individual experience. For an island nation constantly battered by rain, it is no great joy, rather a bother to gather things up and run indoors when the raindrops fall. For a hot, climate where the sun beats down for months on end, it is the summer heat, extreme and harsh that is oppressive and rain - the welcome respite.

I was talking to a friend's son, (a self confessed sun worshipper) who in his gap year travelled through India during the monsoon season. It was fascinating to hear how even he got caught up in the joy and excitement of a massive street party when the thunder clouds rolled into the southern tip of India.

There are many other things on our planet which are are looked at differently by different countries. Expecting uniformity of experience is always a recipe for disaster.

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