Thursday, 14 June 2012

First swimming lesson

Yesterday Tara fell off her bicycle and grazed both knees and palms. There was a bit of blood and surprisingly no tears, just a tremble in her voice and quivering knees. I sorted out my brave little girl, then readied her for bed. The next day was something that Tara had been looking forward to - the first day of swimming with her classmates.

I was in two minds about sending Tara even though by bedtime the knees had all healed up and there was no bleeding. But Tara pleaded with me to be allowed. So a Peppa pig pink waterproof plaster on her knee, I relented after checking with her school.

After the last few days of Tara's fears over lunch time, I was ready to allow anything positive. Having discussed with The Husband about the whole lunch issue, we decided that I was too emotionally charged up to handle the situation so I would try to arrange a time for The Husband to have a word with the teacher. With that in mind I asked to see the teacher when I went to pick up Tara from school today.

The swim session was a big hit and a good time was had by all. While Tara was getting her things together I broached the topic with the teacher to arrange a meeting with The Husband. One thing led to another and I ended up having a short talk with her, quite competently and not emotionally I might add. In the end the teacher said that Tara had agreed to finish half of her meal instead of all of it. Suddenly Tara appeared in the room and looked mortified to see me talking to her Miss. I tried to explain to her that I was addressing her concerns, but she kept saying "Okay, can we go home?" I stood my ground and calmly asked Tara if she was okay with what was discussed, and if there was anything else she wanted me to talk about. Negative. So we all had a laugh about the swim and went home.

Things were fine all afternoon till bedtime when Tara gulped and said, "I don't want to finish half of my meal if I don't like it." I almost lost it but firmly explained that firstly she should have discussed it at school today when there was an opportunity to do so. Second, wasn't it fair and reasonable to be asked to eat half of her lunch even if it wasn't something she liked very much? No response and topic concluded.

The worst kind of ending to any conversation. Wait and watch I suppose...again.

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