Sunday, 10 June 2012

Divorce and Separation..on a Saturday??

Yesterday Tara suddenly woke up to the realization that school starts on Tuesday and her Papa has to be back at work tomorrow. So she was trying to pack in as much as she could - all in one day.

Morning started with Papa and daughter playing in the swimming pool. This was followed by a trip home to shower off. Then they made clay pottery for a while, following which was a trip to Mcdonalds. Back home the dynamic duo settled for a Disney DVD. Then played jigsaw puzzles, and chased each other all around our little home laughing.

By late afternoon Tara was over excited and refusing to slow down. When she gets like this she gets emotional and her deepest fears surface. I knew it when she came to me with her lower lip quivering and looking sad, "Mummy, I have a question." I prayed it was nothing to do with school lunches. But today's topic on Tara's mind was children whose parents separate. It seems that Tara had recently discovered the phenomenon of separation and divorce. Uh..oh..I'm not an expert in the subject, having no experience of it in my own family as far as the eye can see.

"Who leaves and goes?"
"Who gets the child"
"What if the child wants both parents?"
"Who looks after the person gone away?"
"Why do parents go away?"


Age old questions, a tired child with a fresh concern and what a 'day spoiler' of a topic! I tried to be gentle but truthful. There were a few tears and fears, but Tara is growing up... and there will be more questions and concerns as the world of princes and princesses, and happy ever after shows first signs of cracks.

Anyway, I got it all together, we ended the day with a good book or two. For the first time tonight when I tucked her in bed, Tara asked for her Papa who she held tight and hugged goodnight,  relieved and smiling as she looked at at the two of us smiling back at her...together.

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