Wednesday, 6 June 2012

And life goes on...

When I was typing the words that ended my previous post, I had a sense that I should enjoy that moment for as long as possible, because life rolls on and on. It doesn't wait for us to enjoy and savour the good times, neither do troubled times (usually) last forever...though it may seem like that at the time.

Sure enough, waking up the next morning with a phone call that my father's health wasn't right re-enforced that thought. What then is the point of clinging to good times or destroying oneself during the bad?

My parents are the central being of my existence. I started my spiritual journey with one purpose - to strengthen and fortify myself to survive the inevitable physical separation from those that brought me into this world. Over time, that spiritual journey gradually unfolded like petals of a lotus, revealing many more aspects to understand and appreciate. As I write this, under severe strain at not being near my father, there is battle between what I should feel, versus what I really feel.

There is heavy rain outside. But today's Rain looks restless as it batters the glass pane, attempting to break it and come rushing in.

The Husband looks pre-occupied. Issues...(not his fault) have cropped up at work, and have put a dampener on his hard earned holiday as phone calls fly between home and work. It actually started the very next day after he got home, and are continuing every single day.

Tara is happy to have her Mummy and Papa at home. She went to the cinema for the first time yesterday, and had nightmares all night. The Husband said she had enjoyed herself during the movie. She looked pretty scared when she got home, remembering the scary bits instead of the fun ones. No different to us grown ups then. And life goes on...

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