Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Love, love and more love

My headache refuses to shift. I've tried painkillers, drinking water and elevating my legs. Still no relief. The ache has spread to my forehead and cheekbones now and my eyes feel heavy.

At times like these, why do I forget that I can apply Reiki to myself? Why is it so easy to provide its loving energy to others and not to myself? Deep down do I believe that I am undeserving? Or that this suffering is something I should bear all martyr-like and dramatic? Tish-tosh!! If the Reiki I know and practice is anything to go by, then it is loving, healing and unconditionally available to all....including me. I put it down to laziness, plain and simple.

Saying that, the pain is so acute now that once I tuck Tara in bed, I will heal myself for a while. I need some love, and nothing provides a better divine hug than Reiki.

When all else fails, it is love that shows a way.

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