Wednesday, 27 June 2012

And later today...

So Tara came back from school and we did some painting together. It was relaxing and a good way to spend time together without too much involvement. A good start of the rest of the day, ending with a wonderfully straightforward bed time.

I am a bit relieved. I have an early train to catch tomorrow morning for Tara's passport renewal in London. I get a bit anxious before any trip, but am fine once I get my newspaper and seat. Hopefully it will all go well and I get Tara's passport back in time. Then I can relax and get ready for our holiday in mid July.

I find travelling with small children stressful. But the good news is that it gets easier every year. Travelling with a baby is a nightmare. Worry about how they will manage, worry about milk and bottle sterilization, worry about the toilet , worry about the altitude and its effect on baby's ears..the list goes on and on. Our last trip in December with Tara being 'almost four and a half' was much easier, partially because we were upgraded and it was great being able to lie flat and stretch out for an eleven hour flight. Tara also discovered the joys of inflight entertainment and travelling in luxury.

Once I submit the passport paperwork I will head back late evening tomorrow. I can also focus on Tara's birthday party on Saturday and make it a memorable one for my little girl. She deserves better from her Mummy, who has not been 'there' for a few weeks. Time flies and I am aware that Tara is growing up. I cherish my time with her so much, but having lost my way recently, I feel the need to get things back on track and be the Mum I want to be.

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