Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another world...

Today was my mad train journey to London to submit Tara's passport renewal form. I hadn't slept a wink at night worrying about leaving Tara with trusted folk who she is comfortable with. But I still can't stand leaving her.

The journey was easy, the passport office experience - smooth and I came back satisfied with a job well done.

What amazed me was the full on assault on the senses of our magnificent capital - London. I live in the rolling countryside in peaceful surroundings. I boarded the train peacefully, with no jostling or shoving and a few hours later, wham! The full force of the buzz and energy of London hit me as I stepped off the train. People in a hurry - everywhere. Different races, different faces but all a part of the great melting pot - London. I used the underground and then a taxi, which stopped parallel to a road full of cheering people. It happened to be Her Majesty the Queen! Inaugurating something or the other, but I was thrilled.

The dead pan faces in the underground make me uncomfortable. No eye contact with anyone is the unspoken rule. It fills me with an urge to go hug someone and ask them how they are doing! But I didn't want to get thrown off the train so I joined the others in looking into the distance at nothing in particular.

Job done, I came back home and hugged my lovely, well behaved child who apparently deserved every reward star under the sun for extraordinary good behaviour and patience for being away from Mummy for so long.

After hugs and kisses I tucked her in bed and she went out like a light. I'm off to bed too. Feels like I've just returned from another world, back to my own.

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