Friday, 1 June 2012

Unexplained tiredness

The last couple of weeks my body has been speaking a new language. Exhaustion. I'm not doing anything different, except a bit of exercise. I use the word "bit" loosely, because a few gentle stretches and a 10 second jog don't really count as a "bit" of exercise... do they?

I'm tired when I wake up in the morning. A shower props me up for a while, then I'm weary late afternoon again. Could it be because of the stressful state of my mind at the moment?

I have allowed myself to slip into a stressful state. I feel I need to go to that place and "feel" a few emotions, rather than nip the feelings in the bud by drowning myself in positivity as I have trained myself to do. Does that make sense? I have a metaphoric dark, heavy load in my chest area that needs to lift. Almost like a bit fat grey raincloud needs to shower rain in order to dissipate.

Half term is upon us. My mind wants to do things with Tara but my body is begging for priority. I am very relieved that The Husband has a few days off along with Tara so I will have respite. I just hope I can keep guilt out of the equation. Guilt for not letting The Husband relax during his rare and well earned time off...time he needs to recharge and prepare for his stressful job.

Have to go now. I have to take Tara to her swimming lesson early tomorrow morning.

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