Monday, 4 June 2012

I climbed a 'mountain' today

I climbed a 'mountain' today. Okay you can call it a tall hill. But I did climb one. It was cathartic. This is what I saw when I reached the top. Breathtaking!

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster what with one thing after another dragging me down. This morning I got out of bed, and out of the blue declared, "I'm going to climb a mountain. Does anyone want to come along?" A resounding yes from the Husband and Tara, and my spirits soared.

I live in one of the most beautiful regions of England. Natural beauty abounds less than ten minutes driving distance away. What was I doing searching for emotional release in the confines of my house, when I had the arms of Mother Nature waiting outside to envelop me??

I wasn't wasting any time. Everyone dressed up, I packed a sandwich, juice and water for Tara, and off we went. The car was parked slowly near a small pond without disturbing the wild ponies and sheep who watched us get off the car. Then we walked, and climbed in the still silent surroundings. Soft grass yielded under our shoes, craggy rocks bore our weight as we strode purposefully on. We stopped for a hug a and a chat and to take in the spectacular views all around us. It is not an was breath taking.

The silence was only disturbed by the sound of our steps, and the grazing and grass pulling sounds of the lambs, sheep and ponies that we passed. Upwards we went till we reached the top. I raised my arms up to the sky, while Tara clung to my legs. It was as if she understood how important this moment was for me. I felt deep gratitude for everything at the summit of my little mountain. Gratitude for what I have, gratitude to my little family for supporting me when I expressed my idea of climbing, gratitude to Nature for filling me with the joy one can feel when standing as one with it. I opened up my heart to the Universe and released to it every issue, every concern and every prayer I had in my heart, and a weight lifted off me instantly. Everything would be fine.

The climb down was more relaxed, as if the important job was complete and we could amble down as we pleased, with pretend slips and falls that made Tara laugh out loud. We made our way to a nearby pub and had a lovely family lunch, with a double helping of ice cream for Tara. We were tired when we got home. Tara was quiet, so I got her bathed and ready for the day. I made sure I massaged some baby oil on her brave little legs that supported her Mummy without a single whine or whinge all day. She said, "I look grumpy but I'm not...I'm just tired...very tired." Dinner finished, bed time story told, she had to be carried to bed, and soon she was asleep.

The Husband and I had a cup of tea each and are ready to go to bed too. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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