Thursday, 1 March 2012

The difference a day makes.

Just yesterday my chest was tight with stress. I had been waiting for the test results of a loved one with suspected cancer, I was worrying about Tara's health, worrying about money issues, worrying about another loved one who had recently lost his job. In addition to this I had a severe attack of 'what if's'. It was obvious that I didn't sleep very well either.

This morning, I got a phone call that there was no cancer in the reports, Tara seemed much better and had slept well last night, and that a promising job interview had suddenly appeared. I know my money worries are still here, but I feel a whole lot better.... and the 'what if's' are under control too. Having the great gift of good health of loved ones puts a lot of things in perspective. When I fell to my knees and looked upwards yesterday, my prayers were not to resolve my money worries but for the restoration of health of my loved ones. After that I didn't pray for anything else. 

A day can be awfully long or too short, depending on circumstances. The old saying 'Sleep on it' when times are tough, and 'Time flies when you are having fun' are both so true. 

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