Sunday, 11 March 2012

Not again!

Tara has only recovered from her illness a week ago. I was happy to hear my daughter's voice free of congestion and sounding normal. Best of all, she slept beautifully and calmly with no signs of struggle or discomfort.

It was one glorious week, now it's finished. Yesterday she was constantly rubbing her eyes and nose and saying she was tired. On Saturday she was hyperactive and talking a lot. Then she complained of a headache at bedtime. The Husband said to give her Calpol but I decided not to. For the first time I was wrong. She woke up at 11:30 pm holding her head saying it hurts. So out came the Calpol and I patted her to sleep.

Two things are different this time. Both of which probably have nothing to do with Tara's condition. First, I bought a new night light that is behind Tara's bed. It emits a while light instead of the usual golden glow. Could that have started the headaches? It doesn't explain the sniffles and sneezes. The second thing is, I did allow Tara extra computer time on Friday, and we watched a DVD over the weekend too. That could have caused a headache but still doesn't explain the sneezes and sniffles. Either way, I feel so guilty.

It could just be that Tara caught a new bug at school.

The Husband and I have divergent views on medication. He whips out Calpol and Neurofen at the drop of the hat while I don't believe in medication unless it is absolutely the last resort. I got it wrong yesterday but I hold my ground. The difficult part is not denying medication, but disagreeing with the Husband who clearly wants any relief for his little girl. There are long term, possibly unknown consequences of using medication. As a parent, I don't want to see my daughter suffer when she is ill.  How would I feel if Tara had long term damage to her body as a result of spoonfuls of medicines that she could perhaps do without? Not good would be the obvious understatement.

But for now I begrudgingly have to whip out all the tonics, honey and natural remedies to give Tara. They didn't stop Tara from falling ill the last time, but made me feel like I tried.

I have to run. Tara is now complaining of headache and earache. Pray for me somebody

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