Friday, 2 March 2012

Hot food

The Husband called yesterday. He can't make it back home this week, and is feeling low. It's a sad fact of the times that families are separated out of economic necessity. It's a new job and we need to see how it goes.

If The Husband does get offered a permanent post and he likes his job, we will have to move to a totally unknown part of the country. It will mean major upheaval especially for Tara. It has taken a long time and a lot of adjustment to settle in her present school. People say that children are resilient and adapt easily to change. Tara is a creature of routine and likes familiarity. It might be a bit challenging.

On the positive side we will all be together as a family, and the change might be a good life lesson for Tara. For now,  all The Husband wants is a hot meal for dinner. I really don't know how to get around that. There is no kitchen where he is living at the moment, just a bedroom and loo, so he can't cook either. Any suggestions anyone?  

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