Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Not too ill, but don't feel great either.

I pay so much attention to Tara's moods, sniffles, appetite etc. so I know when she is coming down with something. Wish I did the same for myself sometimes. My throat feels swollen and hurts this morning. My mood has been terribly low the last few days, my body aches and I have lost the fine art of being patient.

I won't say I'm terribly ill. I am functional, but not doing a very good job of being an involved Mum. The long awaited play date is after school today and I need to be able to talk. Tara has a big red circle on today's date on the calendar.

In the mean time I'm pleased to report Tara hasn't fallen ill after a cold took hold of her a week or two ago. Just goes to show how the body's immune system learns to cope on it's own after a while. I just hope what I have is not some new bug, because she will invariably get it from me. Tara's teacher had a very sore throat last Friday when I volunteered in her class. It might be that. It's day three today. I don't fall ill very often, and I'm hoping to shake this off soon. Plenty of water to drink, gargles with warm salty water and extra vitamin C is my plan of action today

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