Monday, 26 March 2012

Chugging along

It's almost end of term. I'm chugging along, not ill enough to be called ill, but not well either. The Husband is away at work, and won't be back till Sunday night. So it's all down to me.

I have to get creative and think of activities to entertain Tara that don't involve use of my voice, or excessive expenditure. It hurts when I talk. Tara's school has added further pressure by asking the children to fill in a sheet of each day's activity. My water meter has taken the wind out of the water based fun we could have. I'm fast running out of options.

I do plan to use the assistance of the computer and TV for the start of the holiday, at least till I regain control of my voice. No tut-tutting please!

Tighten your belts Mums, here comes Easter holidays!

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