Thursday, 8 March 2012

What day is it today?

Any day can be a good day or a bad one depending on who is living it.

For years I didn't believe in celebrating any particular day, having a view that I didn't need to mark one day in a year to tell someone how wonderful they are. From my point of view we should remember and appreciate our loved ones every single day. Then one day my brain got bored with all the logical and politically correct theories it was spouting and said, "If a particular day is important to someone you love, just join in and celebrate with them." In this day and age of troubled times, economic pressures and horror stories, why look for a reason not to be happy?

Seize the day I say! Bring all the days on!

Men's day, Women's day, Birthday, Mum's day, Dad's day, Plant a tree day, Tickle the cat day, Hug the postman day... all are welcome.

Much love to all ! Consider yourself hugged.

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