Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mum is a daughter too!

In many parts of the world people love it when someone has a daughter…as long as it’s not themselves. I am prepared for a whole bunch of people telling me how misguided I am. It won’t take away from what always stands alone…the truth. The alarming sex ratio in many countries stands silently by my side in support of me.
People can deny it and argue about it till the cows come home, but at night, when no one is around, and those same people are alone with themselves, they will know its true. It’s a deeply entrenched social conditioning. Even the most educated struggle to escape it. I know I'm generalizing. This may not be you I’m talking about so calm down!
Daughters are a subtle, extraordinary blessing that only the privileged should have. At least that’s how I would have planned it had I the power to do so. A daughter is someone who will put up with suffering all her life, on occasion hide her situation from her parents, lest her pain causes them suffering. If a parent as much as scrapes an elbow, the enquiring daughter will try and get the next available mode of transport to see them, to make sure they are really okay.
A daughter will scold, a daughter will love, and in the parents’ twilight years, a daughter takes on the role of their mother too.
No offence to sons, this is not about you. But don’t ever forget that you take away someone’s daughter to be your wife. Treat her with respect.
Let’s take off masks and really start driving this point home.
Happy Mother's Day!

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