Friday, 23 March 2012

Worlds apart

Two sides of the planet
Two young men
Both footballers

It was only a few days ago when news of a young footballer collapsing with a heart attack on the field was in the news. Barely 23, he collapsed in front of a packed stadium in England.

Fast forward to today.

A young footballer barely in his twenties collapsed with a heart attack on the football field, only this time on the other side of the planet in India.

In England there was immediate medical assistance provided, and the young man was taken to the hospital where he was assisted again by doctors at the scene. It later emerged his heart had stopped for more than an hour, and he received almost 15 electric shocks to resuscitate him. Today he has shown signs of recovery and has a good chance of pulling through, while fans and well wishers pray for him.

 In India, there was no medical team on the side, no first aid , no ambulance, not even a first aid kit. The young man struggled in the stadium till someone put him in a rickshaw to take him to hospital. He died soon after.

It's a life lost with no battle in sight to save him. Lack of money is no excuse in this instance. How dare they organize huge matches with tickets sold, and justify not having any medical kit around? That was someones son that died due to negligence. I don't know if someone will ever be held accountable for what happened. The very least that should happen is that stringent laws are put in place in memory of a young life lost forever.

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