Monday, 19 March 2012

Mad Musings of a Mum with flu like symptoms


All these are natural resources. Man has harnessed Earth and Water so a natural resource is now a chargeable resource. Sun and Air are not yet properly harnessed. Yet I foresee a time Tara, or her child, may have to pay to soak in the Sun or breathe in Air.

It's already happening now, slowly. Anything natural that can be controlled by humans is being charged for. Solar panels harness the Sun, so you pay for that energy. If air is trapped in a cylinder you have to pay to buy it. I've heard that plots on the Moon are already sold. As are stars, which can be named after the person paying for it, and acquiring a  fancy certificate to prove it. How soon before we get charged for looking up at the night sky and admiring the Moon or stars?

It will happen in the future, but maybe not in my lifetime or Tara's. Till then enjoy Nature with all its gifts, and preserve it too.

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